All sukshma Dhrashta Programs

Savyasachi - Beginner

The Neural Coherence of the brain is enhanced (in just 90 days) to enable the student to stream multiple streams of data from the left and right brain simultaneously. As one of the benefits, the student can write with both hands simultaneously.    

Savyasachi - Advanced

The Neural Coherence of the brain is further enhanced to enable the student to develop clarity of thought, longer attention span, creative thinking, enhanced perception, and other soft skills which is absolutely necessary to perform exceptionally.


The student develops a very sharp memory to an extent that when the student reads a book, 90% of the information is assimilated in a single attempt. The student will be able to retrieve the information and apply the information effectively. 

You can be educated, but you need to constantly and continuously nurture your intelligence in order to apply it.
Sukshma Dhrasta is a Competency and Capability building program that will give you mental, emotional, and social intelligence along with a direction to become more focused on everything that you do.

In short, Sukshma Dhrasta is a program designed to make you ambidextrous and a whole-brain thinker. You will be able to grasp complex concepts with ease. Your perceptive ability and memory power will increase exponentially.

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