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The program has helped me improve my communication skills and more open. I am able to interact with others more easily. Academically, I don't need to study a lot, just a read through the book is enough to help me remember the key concepts. In the sports aspect, my ability to understand the game has increased and I am also able to assess the game well. When I see another player's game I am able to pick out the key points in their game and see what I can do differently. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this program
Akshaya R
Badminton student - Ahmedabad
I love doing the Program Meditations. I feel happy while doing the meditations as I get to listen to Gurujis voice. It helps me to be more aligned, blissful, happy through the day. I am so blessed and proud to be a creative consumer!!!
Vishnuvardhan Karia
Student - Hyderabad
After joining this wonderful program my life has changed completely. I have excelled in my academics and have also become more emotionally strong. For example, recently I had my exams. And I had literally started studying for my commerce exam one day before, then also I was the scored 85 out of 100. I also have more clarity in my life and can think more clearly. my confidence and communications skills have boosted. My grasping ability and memory has also increased a lot. I am very grateful to Guruji for bringing so many changes in me.
Maneet Doshi
Student - Pune
I can clearly observe holistic development in my personality, talking about academics my focus, concentration, understanding, grasping has a tremendous boost and i can do things like dance, music or sports with more ease now. I have observed positive improvements in my physical health in case of mental health i am highly stable , calm i acquired the art of controlling my felling negative thoughts and anger automatically by doing meditation. Overall i can say that this program does complete paradigm shift the journey was very fruitful and enjoyable thanks guru for all blessing jai guru datta
Manwinder Singh
Medical Student - Delhi
This program has helped me in different aspects of my life. I could find significant improvement in my overall performance in day to day life. I am more confident while dealing with new problems and people. I am reading faster and understanding things easily. I find myself less anxious than before when the problem arises and has helped me to work towards the solution. I am writing with my left hand easily and also with both the hands simultaneously. I am currently involved in research activities and I feel I am learning well and getting the good appreciation from my mentors and seniors.
Jenish Neupane
Medicine student - Nepal
After push from Guruji regarding health, I have been exercising and going to gym regularly. I am much more fit and athletic as I used to be before the program. I feel energetic throughout the day. I am now an ambidextrous person, who could write different contents in multiple subjects, simultaneously using both hands. I have also been reading various self help books suggested by Guruji, giving valuable insights. My intuition has improved and I am able to come up with ideas much more quickly. I look forward to the various webinars conducted by Guruji, which are really insightful and motivating. Overall, I am a much more confident and a happy person.
Divyam Singal
Student - Delhi
The program was very beneficial to me. I have learnt many new skills such as writing with both of my hands and now have a better memory and grasping power. The program helped me overcome my fear of failure and now I can speak even better in public and can orate in a far superior manner than before. I can now solve mathematics with ease and I can study even 11th grade topics in 10th grade. I also have started reading self help books about time management, sales finances and strategy , thanks to Guruji. They have been very beneficial to me and I am applying the topics in my everyday life. I am now much more still and peaceful and do not get angry quickly. I also have a much healthier relationship with my parents. Thank you Guruji for all your blessings.
Kartik Pathak
Student - Mumbai
This program along with guruji's blessings and teachings have made numerous changes in my life. I feel that I have become more mature and a will power to improve my self internally has arisen within me. My grasping speed and understanding capabilities have also increased. I am able to write both my hands also. Moreover, even if i get dejected or sad, I am able to come back to a normal state very quickly. I have learned numerous life values especially gratitude from this program and I am really thankful to Guruji for his blessings and teaching. Jai guru Atmananda!
Isha Pathak
Student - Mumbai
Sukshma Dhrashta has been very helpful to me, it has helped me become more focussed in my studies and has made me more motivated to achieve my goals. It has also helped me become more emotionally stable and handle situations without becoming irritated or angry, it has also helped me reduce my anxiety related issues a lot.
Yashaswini Dagar
Student - New Delhi
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